Welcome to 7b5 Labs, developers of fine software, specializing in iPhone application development. For information, support, source, and all other information about our flagship products, see the Subatomic and XPilot for the iPhone pages.

Announcements / News

2010.04.01 - Subatomic 2.0 and XPilot 1.2 are now available in the App Store, for iPhone and iPad. Subatomic Free is still in review by Apple, but rest assured, when it's approved it will bring all the tasty new Subatomic 2.0 features to existing Subatomic players free of charge.

2010.03.31 - 7b5 Labs has been busy working on new versions of both XPilot and Subatomic that are fully iPad-enabled. These apps have been submitted and are currently in review by Apple. The new XPilot (1.2) features a larger playfield when played on the iPad. The new Subatomic (2.0) has seen even more updates, including a new music score (and ability to use your own music), a new Zone level system, OpenFeint online scoring integration, and many new obstacles and challenges. Look for both these app updates soon.

2009.11.30 - 7b5 Labs is proud to announce that Subatomic, the smallest game you have ever played, is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch from the Apple App Store!

2009.11.16 - Subatomic is now in review by Apple. Look for it in the App Store soon!

2009.10.30 - Beta testing of the new game Subatomic has begun.

2009.08.29 - XPilot version 1.1.1 has been submitted to the App Store for review, so hopefully it should be available in 7 to 14 days. This update fixes the black screen hang bug that many new 3GS users have experienced on initial application launch. The current workaround is to launch the app, wait about 15 seconds for it to timeout and return to the iPhone menu, then launch again. See this Trac ticket for more information.

2009.07.30 - Version 1.1 is now available in the App Store. Please see the release notes for important information about the new control scheme.

2009.07.21 - No rest for the weary - we've been hard at work on the 1.1 update which should be done and submitted to Apple within the next 24 hours. The new 1.1 update will include the "Waiting for..." label bug fix (see the ticket for details and the current workaround), a score view, and a brand new control scheme. Note for current users: Since the new control scheme will become the default, users who prefer the 1.0 control scheme may switch back to it via the Settings. Read the release notes. UPDATE 2009.07.22 - Version 1.1 submitted to the App Store and is now in review.

2009.07.14 - XPilot is live in the App Store! After a two week review process, XPilot for the iPhone is now available in the Apple App Store. For any users with enhancement requests or bug reports, please use our Trac project page, or send an email to support at 7b5labs.com. 7b5 Labs is running a few "official" game servers (xpilot?.7b5labs.com, where ? is a number from 1-4), but there are another dozen or so active servers you can select around the world as well. Enjoy the game and we'll see you playing on a server somewhere!

2009.06.27 - We anticipate a 1.0 release on Monday, June 29. Our beta testers have been very helpful in finding bugs and suggesting enhancements. We were lucky enough to find testers with every device - from the iPod Touch to the brand new 3GS. The next step for the application on Monday involves submitting it to Apple for approval, so we'll cross our fingers and wait for release day!
UPDATE 2009.07.01 - Version 1.0 has been submitted to Apple for review.

2009.06.11 - There were some last-minute bugs, enhancements, detritus that extended the 0.9 build schedule, but the last of the new 0.9 bugs have been closed, meaning Beta testing may start - and we mean it this time. The Beta program is only open to select friends and family. Beta testers should check the beta program page provided in email for the latest updates in the beta testing program. Thank you for your participation!

2009.06.01 - All 0.9 bugs have been closed, meaning the beta is ready for testing by our select group of beta testers.

2009.05.24 - Development of XPilot for the iPhone continues at a feverish pace. 0.9 (non-public beta) will be finished on or about May 31.